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Actionable Data & Connected systems

We know that your company is full of valuable information that could be used to drive better business decisions and create better customer experiences

At Unify, we believe that the best way to grow your business is by using customer data

At Unify, we believe that companies can do more with their data than they think.

We know that your company is full of valuable information that could be used to drive better business decisions and create better customer experiences. So why not take advantage of it?

As a small or medium-sized or Enterprise business (SME), you have to make the most of every dollar you spend. That means making smart investments in your systems and infrastructure, and knowing how to use the data within them. But when your systems are disconnected, it's hard to make sense of what you have and where it's going.

That's where we come in. We provide services to assess your data architecture, review what data you have and where it needs to go, and help connect your systems so users can get access to the information they need when they need it. By helping you gain control over the chaos of disconnected systems and data, we can help turn your company into a connected one—and give you an upper hand over competitors who haven't done the same thing yet.

Connecting Operations to Customers
Bringing clarity to complex business problems through unified data

Creating a hive mind in your business

Businesses can harness their data to provide valuable business insights and add value. Unify can help you identify your data sources, and then determine the data that is important for key decision making and how that data can be used to best support your business and your customers.

Data and systems working together creating what we call the hive mind in your business. A 360 degree view of customers and the connected systems all working together.

For example, Integrating Ecommerce with your CRM and ERP can improve your customer experience in numerous ways.  From order status updates, inventory checks, and shipment tracking, and it helps your customers to stay on point and informed on their orders as well as providing 1-1 personalised marketing.

For online retailers utilising omnichannel retail sales, CRM helps them collect information about their customers across multiple channels.

A connected CRM and ERP can provide your online marketing with historical customer data.  That same data can be shared with other offline channels such as POS and the call centre.  3rd party data can also be integrated to provide a full picture of the business through data, and served at the right time and wherever it is needed.

A HIve Mind in your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your data architecture is challenging and you have concerns about how and where your data is then Unify’s data strategy consulting will help you. We help businesses drive smart decisions, turning your data into insights. We will review your online and offline data sources, to connect your systems to the right data at every touchpoint. Unify’s data consolidation strategy is key to creating personalised customer experiences that build loyal customers and promote customer retention (CRM).

At Unify our consulting teams use CRM accelerators to fast-track CRM systems implementation and integration to automate your business processes to build a single customer view. We work with travel, manufacturing and financial companies who want to improve their customer experience using their existing CRM. Unify provides CRM consulting, salesforce consulting and Microsoft Dynamics consulting to help you build a customer-centric business and to deliver a great customer experience.

Our team of Data, AI & CRM Consulting experts will assess your data strategy and help you connect your systems to build a 360 customer view. And we will help you organise your data to give your marketing teams what they need too.