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AI and Analytics Consulting 

Unify’s AI and Analytics consulting services delivering business insights using Machine Learning

Drive actionable Marketing Insights from Ai and Analytics

Machine learning and AI can be used to discover business insights and provide you with actionable outcomes. AI, Machine Learning and Analytics are, however, often seen as a huge step to take which can put you off adopting it.  Working with Unify as your AI partner we can work with you to take the first steps on your AI journey. 

With just a sample data set Unify can provide you with a Proof Of Concept to demonstrate insights and actionable outcomes.  We can achieve a working model within just a few weeks.

Our team will take you from the beginning steps of building your strategy to strategy deployment and implementation delivering a POC to show you the art of the possible.

All AI models need to be continuously tweaked and developed to add more data and test further insights.  We will work with you to provide an ongoing support package to ensure your machine learning models are refined and continue to work for your business.

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Ready to take your first steps towards AI and continuous improvement?

Get in touch with out AI specialist to set up a POC so Unify can show you some insights for your business

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If your data architecture is challenging and you have concerns about how and where your data is then Unify’s data strategy consulting will help you. We help businesses drive smart decisions, turning your data into insights. We will review your online and offline data sources, to connect your systems to the right data at every touchpoint. Unify’s data consolidation strategy is key to creating personalised customer experiences that build loyal customers and promote customer retention (CRM).

At Unify our consulting teams use CRM accelerators to fast-track CRM systems implementation and integration to automate your business processes to build a single customer view. We work with travel, manufacturing and financial companies who want to improve their customer experience using their existing CRM. Unify provides CRM consulting, salesforce consulting and Microsoft Dynamics consulting to help you build a customer-centric business and to deliver a great customer experience.

Our team of Data, AI & CRM Consulting experts will assess your data strategy and help you connect your systems to build a 360 customer view. And we will help you organise your data to give your marketing teams what they need too.