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Unify helps organisations implement the best CRM solution

We are here to build your Single Customer View

Customers expect consistent interactions across all departments and your CRM and a 360 degree view of your customers is key to delivering a consistent online and offline experience.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  is one of the core data repositories for many customer facing businesses. Everything from sales, services, call centre and customer communications can be managed from a CRM.  Unify can help you to supercharge your CRM to ensure that the right data is delivered at the right touchpoint and at the right time.

Unify helps organisations implement the best CRM solution by providing a thorough solution assessment, business requirements gathering and analysis, strategic planning and execution of end-to-end implementation services. We actively engage with our customers throughout the process to ensure we deliver a solution that aligns well with their organisation’s vision, values and goals.


Our Key Partners

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Travel CRM

Unify.Agency specialises in CRM consultancy across a number of verticals.  With a highly experienced team with expertise in the Travel Market place we can help you with our TravelCRM accelerator consulting package. We understand customer centricity and gaining trust with 1 - 1 conversations with your customers making every customer feel they are your most important customer

Fintech CRM

Get ahead of the industry and improve your customer experiences using Fintech CRM.  Unify.Agency has a great deal of experience across the Fintech market and can help you to realise the benefits of a Fintech CRM in your business.

Talk to our experts to discover how our Fintech accelerator can get you closer to your customers.

Unify’s 5 stages of successful CRM implementation

  1. Consulting

    Unify can provide consulting packages for your CRM.  If you are looking to implement CRM for the forest time, challenges with your existing CRM setup not working for your business, or maybe a business acquisition with a CRM that needs to be merged with an existing CRM.  Unify will do a full system audit and make recommendations for you

  2. Migration & data strategy

    We can help you with your data.  It is important that all data feeds provide the right data at the right touch points both online and offline so  your customer and product information is served at the right touchpoint and where it is needed.  We also review data import timing so you won’t send offers for the same products a customer has recently purchased

  3. Customisation

    “Vanilla” CRM may not work for your business and often needs to be customised.  We can automate processes to save your users time for more critical tasks. We also build and optimise dashboards, reports and workflows so that you get actionable insights for your business

  4. Onboarding & user adoption

    One of the most critical success factors for a CRM implementation is that of user adoption.  Unify can work with you to build out training and onboarding strategies that work: the soft skills needed for business wide applications

  5. Support

    Once the hard work is done Unify offer you on a customised a support package to ensure your CRM continues to be successful.  Packages include regular audits, recommendations and new process builds 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your data architecture is challenging and you have concerns about how and where your data is then Unify’s data strategy consulting will help you. We help businesses drive smart decisions, turning your data into insights. We will review your online and offline data sources, to connect your systems to the right data at every touchpoint. Unify’s data consolidation strategy is key to creating personalised customer experiences that build loyal customers and promote customer retention (CRM).

At Unify our consulting teams use CRM accelerators to fast-track CRM systems implementation and integration to automate your business processes to build a single customer view. We work with travel, manufacturing and financial companies who want to improve their customer experience using their existing CRM. Unify provides CRM consulting, salesforce consulting and Microsoft Dynamics consulting to help you build a customer-centric business and to deliver a great customer experience.

Our team of Data, AI & CRM Consulting experts will assess your data strategy and help you connect your systems to build a 360 customer view. And we will help you organise your data to give your marketing teams what they need too.