Cultivating a Culture of Clean Data: The Training Imperative

Holistically training all new hires on data quality protocols ensures data integrity and positive customer experiences resulting in savvy data-driven decisions. 


There are countless claims about how data has become one of the most prized resources in any business or organisation. Storing data is one thing, but is it up-to-date, timely and usable? Once you really understand your data sources and data consumers, it is much easier to manage the rules around your data capture and adhere to data security practices and legal requirements.


The right data in the right place and used at the right time is an incredibly powerful tool for the entire organisation. No matter what you call your talent management department—Human Capital Management, People Operations, People Resource Centre, Employee Experience, or others, it’s vital to your company’s success that this department values and relays the importance of data accuracy that goes into your CRM system. Without this messaging that starts on the first day of a new job, the theme of valuing unify data can be lost, and this cultural pillar may be overlooked. 


Resourcing and bringing your HR teams into data ownership principles and how to emphasise this from the first-day employees start with your company puts everyone off on the right foot, underscoring the why. Keep reading to understand why data ownership messaging and protocols are to be included in all new hire training. 


CRM data training

Integrating best practices for accuracy and unify data in new hire trainings

  • Data Integrity: CRM systems rely on accurate and dependable data. Data integrity is often breached when a team member enters incorrect or incomplete information hindering the full effectiveness of the CRM system and customer record. Training new hires on data ownership, accuracy best practices, and the holistic view promotes the reasoning for clean and reliable data. 

  • Consistency Protocols: Standardising data entry protocols ensures consistency across the organisation and customer records. When all team members follow established practices for entering and modifying customer data, analysing and reporting the information becomes more streamlined. Training on these protocols from the outset aligns all contributions fed into the CRM system.

  • Effective Analytics & Reporting: Meticulous CRM data results in effective reporting and analysis on customer behaviour, trends, satisfaction and overall performance. With the foundation of clean data, reliable reporting derives data-driven business decisions. 

  • Savvy Data-driven Decisions: All teams and levels of employees benefit from accurate data enabling everyone to extract relevant information, identify patterns, and make data-informed decisions. Equip everyone with the knowledge and skills to leverage the CRM system effectively, and creative solutions will be revealed. 

  • Enriched Customer Experience: Customer data specifically impacts all interactions and experiences had with prospective, current or past customers. Inaccurate or stagnant information can lead to miscommunications, lost opportunities, and frustration for both employees and customers. Emphasising clean, unify data in your onboarding process will underscore a customer-centric mindset, safeguarding and promoting the impact everyone has on the customer record and end relationship.


Unify’s CRM consultancy promotes a culture of clean CRM data engaging all stakeholders and departments for success. Digital transformation, and any wide-reaching organisational change, must extend beyond implementing new technologies; it needs a holistic approach encompassing people, processes, and technology. 


While cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies are essential, the true success of any transformation program ultimately hinges upon the alignment and openness of the company culture. Also, read more on this topic in Unlocking Digital Transformation Success: The Power of Company Culture by our sister consultancy, Sagittarius



We are Unify, CRM, Data and Analytics specialists for enterprise-level organisations. We work with companies who have started or about to start their digital transformation and help customers to use their data to drive actionable outcomes and drive business efficiency. Contact us today to find out how our CRM consultancy can help your digital transformation programme or to conduct a customised data and operational process audit for your business.


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