Key takeaways from the Salesforce Live event

Salesforce Live 2022

Our team attended Salesforce Live event, London on Thursday 30th November to catch up with Salesforce, Salesforce partners, meet with some of our valuable customers, and get hands on access to the latest Salesforce products. Also to see what is to come in 2023 ("Safe Harbor" of course).

Salesforce put on some great events and Salesforce Live was no exception. With our passes automatically popping up on our phones having stored them in wallet, entry to the event through security was swift and professional. The Keynote was really good with a focus on CDP, customer 360 and a hint of new things to come.

There were a few UK partners hosting small stands but the real highlights were the customer sessions and product showcases. The key focus was on Genie, CDP, Commerce Cloud, Slack and Tableau. Fabulous products that now feel like they are part of one product family instead of separate apps, and well integrated to keep on top of your customers matching products and preferences to ensure that products offered are highly personalised for  each customer.

Data unification was a hot topic and now Salesforce has all of the tools to integrate online and offline data and surface actions based on that data. Providing analytics to drive sales, retain customers and identify opportunities, as well as assisting with operational efficiencies.  There is a laser focus on obtaining first party data and a move away from 3rd party data.  It's all about customer-first digital experiences.

The Salesforce products have really matured over the past few years.  Commerce Cloud and it's drag and drop page builder is super easy to use and clearly focused at your digital teams and marketers and not your dev team. 

There were a number of customer success stories in particular, Formula 1 and Heathrow Airport.  Of interest, Formula 1 were also showcased at the Contentful Fast Forward event the previous day.  This clearly showed how having a composable architecture is the way forward, with Formula 1 using a mix of products in their toolkit.  Composable makes swapping platforms in and out of your stack easier than having one monolithic product to support you as your business needs change.  In the Formula 1 example, they use Contentful for their online web presence and salesforce for sales and service with Salesforce CDP at the centre.  We were taken through the Formula 1 journey and I can only recommend that you subscribe to their Formula 1 TV and experience it for yourself.  A real showcase of a customer focused company who puts their customer at the heart of everything.

Both events were extremely well attended with each event sold out.  For more information on the Contentful FastForward event take a look at, our sister agency blog and the Salesforce Live website.

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