CRM Maturity Assessment 

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What is a CRM Maturity Assessment?

CRM can boost conversions by up to 300%. For hotels, CRM plays a critical role in delivering enhanced customer experiences and fostering valuable relationships. But its full potential can only be realised if it is optimised to meet the unique demands of your business. Many organisations fail to exploit their CRM system’s full potential, overlooking opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and stimulate revenue growth. 

Working with an experienced, certified CRM specialist can be key to maximising your CRM investment.

A CRM Maturity Assessment is an in-depth evaluation tailored to your organisation’s existing CRM platform. Spend time with one of our experts to troubleshoot the effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment of your CRM to uncover an actionable roadmap for a better ROI.

A session with our industry leading experts that will:

  • Evaluate how well your team is using CRM features across Marketing, Sales and Service.

  • Examine existing configuration

  • Check integration with third party tools

  • Ensure CRM compliance

  • Provide an actionable report for your hotel to enhance CRM performance to maximise future ROI


  • Identify Gaps and Opportunities 

  • Align CRM with Business Strategy

  • Enhance Customer Engagement

  • Drive Innovation

  • Maximises ROI

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Learn More About Our Process 

Step 1 – Engagement and Discovery

Initial Consultation

Identify CRM-related pain points, goals and expectations

CRM Audit Submission

Completion of CRM maturity questionnaire by relevant stakeholders in each department.

Understand existing reporting capabilities to support operations.

Step 2 – In-depth Analysis

System Evaluation

A comprehensive review of your CRM’s existing infrastructure, focusing on feature usage, data management, and integration capabilities.

Performance Benchmarking

The current CRM setup is compared against industry standards and best practices to identify gaps and opportunities.

Step 3 – Strategic Insights

Findings Presentation

At the conclusion of the assessment, you will meet with our experts for a session where you will receive a detailed report that serves as a roadmap for CRM optimisation, outlining strategic and actionable insights, tailor-made to enhance your CRM’s performance and your hotel’s competitive edge.

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