Unifying Customer Data

With a data-driven approach



At Unify, we redefine the essence of CRM and Data Advisory by integrating a data-driven approach to all our strategies. Our ‘Advise’ service is tailored to organisations seeking to harness the full potential of their customer data, ensuring that every piece of information is transformed into valuable insights. As dedicated CRM advisors, we empower organisations to transform their customer data into strategic assets.

Tailored CRM & Data Advisory Services

Adapting to Your Unique Business Journey


At Unify, we understand that each client’s journey is distinct, with varying needs and objectives. That’s why we offer a suite of tailored services under our ‘Advise’ category, ensuring that every business finds the right guidance and strategy aligned with its stage and goals.

1. CRM Strategy & Roadmap

Unify’s Tailored CRM Strategy Consulting service transforms CRM challenges into strategic opportunities over an intensive six-week period. We align your CRM with your business vision, enhancing efficiency, and unlocking your technology’s full potential. Outcomes include strategic alignment with your business goals, a personalized CRM roadmap, and optimized technology use. Benefits include increased ROI, seamless business process integration, and a vision-strategy alignment, ensuring every CRM initiative supports your broader business objectives.

    2. Customer Data Strategy

    Address data fragmentation with our six-week Customer Data Unification Strategy service, designed to consolidate customer data into a unified view. Outcomes include a comprehensive data assessment and a customised unification roadmap. Benefits include enhanced customer insights, improved operational efficiency, strategic decision-making support, and increased ROI from targeted marketing efforts, all leading to better customer engagement and retention.

      3. CRM AI Strategy

      Integrate AI into your CRM with Unify’s CRM AI Strategy Service to enhance operational efficiency, gain deeper customer insights, and automate routine tasks. Outcomes include tailored AI integration, data-driven insights, and automated processes. Benefits involve an enhanced customer experience, increased efficiency, informed decision-making, and a competitive advantage by leveraging AI to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

      4. CRM Maturity Assessment

      Our 4-Week CRM Maturity Assessment provides a detailed analysis of your CRM’s performance, identifying underutilized areas and aligning strategies with your evolving business needs. Key features include a thorough evaluation and a full platform utilisation assessment. Benefits include enhanced process maturity, competitive benchmarking, and actionable insights for immediate and strategic improvements, all condensed into a detailed, outcome-oriented report.

        5. CRM Vendor Selection

        Unify’s CRM Vendor Selection Service guides you through the complex process of choosing the right CRM vendor to match your specific business requirements. Outcomes include informed vendor selection, strategic alignment, and risk mitigation. Benefits encompass an optimized CRM solution, increased ROI, future-proofing your strategy, and simplifying the decision-making process, enabling an efficient and effective vendor selection.

          Transform Your CRM Experience

          With Unify, embark on a journey where data isn’t just a resource – it’s a catalyst for growth. Our advisory services ensure that your CRM strategies are not only effective but also consistently evolving with your business needs.

          Our Edge

          Expertise in Diverse Industries

          Our team brings a wealth of experience across various sectors, enabling us to offer insights and solutions that are industry-specific and relevant.

          Commitment to Innovation

          We are constantly updating our strategies with the latest trends and technologies in CRM and data analytics, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

          Focus on Tangible Results

          Our advisory services are designed to deliver measurable improvements in customer engagement, operational efficiency, and ROI.

          Why Choose Our Tailored Services?

          Customised Approach

          Every service is moulded to fit your unique business context, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

          Expert Guidance

           Our team of experts brings in-depth knowledge and experience in each service area, offering you the best possible advice and solutions.

          Strategic Paternship

          you’re not just a client – you’re a strategic partner. We combine our expertise with your unique insights to create strategies that drive tangible and sustainable results.

          Tailored Strategic Insights

          Our advisory services extend beyond generic solutions. We delve into your specific business context to provide customised strategies that align with your unique goals and challenges.

          Ready to Elevate Your CRM Strategy with a Data-Driven Approach?

          Contact us to start a conversation about how we can transform your CRM experience with our unique, data-driven advisory services.