Maintaining strong relationships with your customer base is crucial. Due to that, CRM systems have become essential tools that need to be implemented in organisations across all industries. Among the extensive range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions available, Salesforce consistently stands out as a market leader. The benefits of using Salesforce CRM are unmatched, and due to that, it’s currently being used by over 150,000 organisations worldwide​. 


Why Choose Salesforce?

Salesforce has remained a consistent leader in the industry for years, The Gartner Magic Quadrant 2024 named Salesforce a leader this year as well. But, What is Salesforce? To start, let’s explain its main functionalities. Salesforce is a cloud-based software company, globally recognised for its advanced and innovative solutions. It caters to a variety of needs, from sales and marketing to customer service and data management. This platform is impeccably versatile, making it an outstanding solution for organisations of all sizes across different industries. 


Salesforce has proven time and time again to be the best on the market. Their teams are constantly working on the development of new tools, showcasing their dedication to innovation. Not only that, these tools are designed to work together seamlessly as part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Even the integration of external tools and platforms are simplified, meaning you do not lose on existing investments. As an example, the Salesforce Sitecore Accelerator allows organisations to enhance the accuracy of their CRM data by pulling data from existing content management systems. The comprehensive range of products they offer is one of the key benefits of using Salesforce CRM, the platform does not only manage customer relationships, it allows you to centralise your data as well. 

Key Benefits of Using Salesforce CRM

Personalisation through Customer Insights 

One of the main benefits of using Salesforce CRM is its ability to gather accurate insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This is done by continually capturing data from various touchpoints. Salesforce also enables organisations to create more relevant and personalised messaging.  


Automation tools within Salesforce greatly enhances it capabilities. Organisations can segment their audience and customise their communication efforts for specific interests and behaviours​​. This is very beneficial, particularly in the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns. The integration of AI into different processes allows for dynamic content and automated email campaigns. This way, you can be certain that your prospects are progressing smoothly through the sales funnel. 

Increased Productivity for Maximum Revenue

On average, organisations using Salesforce report a 25% increase in revenue​. Upon investing in such an advanced CRM system, your organisation can expect a significant boost in revenue. The increase in revenue is partly due to the rise in your teams’ productivity when given a sophisticated platform to employ. 


The rise in productivity stems from the integration of Einstein AI into various Salesforce products. Einstein is Salesforce’s powerful AI model, which offers predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities. For example, Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein can be used to increase sales forecasting accuracy. Why is this considered one of the main benefits of using Salesforce CRM? Einstein AI aids organisations in making data driven decisions. By predicting customer behaviour and automating routine tasks, all while generating insights based on the data collected, the decision-making process is made easier with data-backed information on the table. 


Benefits of using Salesforce CRM include helping sales representatives manage their pipelines more efficiently. The automation of administrative tasks means they get more time to focus on closing deals and maintaining client relations. The Salesforce lead management process, for example, automates the tracking and nurturing of leads. This helps organisations convert prospects into customers in the most efficient way. As a result, sales teams using Salesforce have reported a 44% increase in productivity and a reduction in the sales cycle by 8-14%​.


Higher Satisfaction and Retention Rates

Customer satisfaction is a critical KPI for any business, and Salesforce CRM excels in this area. Organisations have reported a 35% increase in customer satisfaction​ upon making the switch to Salesforce. This does not come as a surprise when learning about its data management capabilities.


Salesforce understands that different industries have different needs and develops their products accordingly. The benefits of using Salesforce CRM include its industry specific data management solutions. While Salesforce pricing varies based on tiers, it also varies based on the features your organisation requires, this makes the investment easily justifiable when seeing the significant ROI it delivers. When the features of a platform are tailored to your specific needs, customer satisfaction and retention rates will naturally skyrocket.


Its success across different fields, such as the hospitality sector, where it has become a top-choice hotel CRM software, goes to show that it not only promises, but also delivers. Take financial services as another example, Salesforce developed an industry specific cloud solution for this field as well. They crafted a system that does not only centralise data, but also offers relevant features to their specific processes. Streamlining operations boosted customer satisfaction, which increased retention rates. For more details, see: What is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud


Data Centralisation

Cloud-based CRM solutions like Salesforce Data Cloud are preferred by 87% of organisations due to their flexibility and accessibility​​. What is Salesforce Data Cloud? In simple terms, it’s a sophisticated solution that stores all your customer data in a centralised database. This is particularly beneficial for organisations with remote teams and multiple office locations; centralisation makes this data accessible from anywhere, at any time. 


Collaboration across departments is one of many benefits of using Salesforce CRM, and they take it a step further by being on top of the data security game as well. Salesforce’s robust data privacy management and compliance with regulations like GDPR make sure that your data not just centralised, it’s safely guarded too. Organisations are in turn less likely to face legal complications and more likely to maintain high levels of customer trust.


Scalability and Customisation

You may be wondering, “How much does Salesforce cost?” Salesforce is renowned for its scalability and customisation options. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Salesforce can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 


As previously mentioned, pricing varies based on tiers and features. The platform offers a wide range of add-ons and integrations, allowing organisations to extend its functionality as they grow. But, how is this beneficial to you? The integrations and add-ons allow you to make use of your current investments and not go overboard with new ones. You can start with basic plans which include the essential features and add more on to the plan as your organisation grows. The listed benefits of using Salesforce CRM are very compelling, but witnessing the impact first-hand is always different. Having the option to adjust your plan as you go is like having a safety net; if you need more, you can get more. In fact, 58% of Salesforce customers plan to integrate additional Salesforce clouds​. 


To make it more clear, Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing for example can vary based on tiers. However, it is designed to provide value through comprehensive marketing automation, analytics, and customer engagement tools. Thus, for an organisation aiming to keep up with competition, its adaptability and long-term value make it the perfect investment.


Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Salesforce provides highly advanced reporting and analytics tools. It also supports advanced data integration strategies to ensure seamless data flow between different systems, ultimately helping organisations make informed, data-driven decisions. 


Custom dashboards and real-time reporting features allow users to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor the effectiveness of their strategies. For organisations looking to optimise their operations and increase ROI, while efficiently reporting in real-time to key stakeholders, Salesforce is the way to go. 


Implementing Salesforce

Many Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Toyota, and Walmart, choose Salesforce to manage their customer relationships​​. The benefits of using Salesforce CRM are extensive and impactful, ranging from enhanced customer insights and increased revenue to improved data management and scalability. These features and capabilities make it an ideal choice for organisations looking to optimise their operations and maintain customer relationships.


As the market leader in CRM solutions, Salesforce continues to innovate and provide tools that help organisations achieve their goals. And, making sure users know how to effectively use this platform is essential to maximising its output. Therefore, Salesforce does not stop at investing in their products, they also invest in their users. Regularly hosting events for the community helps users stay up to date, share expert knowledge and network with industry professionals too. 


Events like TrailblazerDX and the Salesforce World Tour are held to showcase the latest developments in the Salesforce ecosystem, providing users with insights and best practices for increasing ROI. Although these events are helpful, they do not eliminate the need for a Salesforce consultant if you’re looking for maximum impact upon implementation. 


Unify’s Salesforce Consultancy Services

What is a Salesforce Consultant? A Salesforce consultant is a professional who helps organisations implement and optimise Salesforce solutions to achieve business objectives. They provide expertise in CRM strategy, integration, customisation, and ongoing support to ensure that organisations can fully capitalise on the range of features available.


As a trusted Salesforce partner, Unify offers a range of consulting services that include advising, building, and accelerating. We use a hands-on approach to ensure seamless integration and provide ongoing support, driving tangible business outcomes and ensuring long-term success.


Salesforce for Your Organisation

Nobody knows your organisation better than you do. And although the benefits of using Salesforce CRM are extensive, investing in new systems and services takes a lot of consideration. We’re Unify, a global Salesforce Agency, that works closely with ambitious, customer-centric organisations worldwide. We offer expert advice to drive digital transformation, optimise customer experiences, and achieve operational excellence.


For a detailed consultation and to learn how Salesforce can benefit your organisation, contact Unify Data & Analytics today.

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