Using AI can reduce forecasting by 20% and 79% of companies implementing AI in their sales forecasting are reported to achieve 79% accuracy (28% higher than those without). For ambitious and digitally savvy organisations Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein has the potential to rapidly enhance forecasting and drive excellent results.


What is Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein?

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is a sophisticated CRM platform designed to revolutionise sales processes through a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) integration. Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein empowers sales teams with predictive insights, automation, and personalised recommendations. 

Salesforce does all the heavy lifting to empower sales teams. The platform predicts customer behaviour by analysing huge datasets and historical trends. Through this Sales teams can leverage Sales Cloud Einstein to identify promising leads and forecast sales opportunities. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein enables busy sales teams to focus their efforts efficiently, drive revenue growth, and nurture stronger customer relationships in a highly competitive market. With an intuitive interface, it’s easy to use, whether you need to streamline tasks such as lead scoring, improve email prioritisation or simplify opportunity management.


The Power of AI in Sales

Only 45% percent of sales leaders have high confidence in forecasting accuracy. This is because traditional methods of forecasting sales leave organisations susceptible to miscalculations and missed opportunities. 

Traditional forecasting methods are often descriptive, focusing on the examination of past sales data to understand what has occurred. This retrospective analysis provides insights into historical performance but lacks the predictive power to anticipate future trends.

In contrast, predictive analytics sales forecasting leverages advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to not just analyse past sales data but to forecast future sales outcomes and market trends. This represents a dynamic shift towards a more proactive approach. By 2025, 35% of Chief Revenue Officers will resource a centralised “GenAI Operations” team.Instead of merely reacting to past sales trends, through predictive sales forecasting businesses can now anticipate and prepare for future market conditions and opportunities.

For years, sales teams have relied on various approaches, including manual spreadsheets, intuition, and historical data, to predict future sales performance. While these methods offer a starting point, they suffer from significant limitations that can cripple your sales potential.

Inaccurate forecasts aren’t just an annoyance; they translate into tangible business losses


  • Missed Revenue: Inaccuracies can lead to overproduction and inventory build up or underproduction and opportunity loss. That’s significant income left on the table due to overly optimistic or underprepared sales pipelines.
  • Resource Misallocation: Inaccurate forecasts lead to inefficient resource allocation. You might be overstaffed for an underestimated opportunity or miss out on a potential surge by understaffing. This mismanagement impacts personnel, marketing budgets, and inventory.
  • Damaged Credibility: Repeatedly missing targets erodes trust internally and with external stakeholders, fostering a culture of scepticism and doubt.


How Sales Cloud Einstein Solves Problems of Traditional Forecasting

Einstein Forecasting, embedded within Salesforce Sales Cloud, addresses challenges of traditional sales forecasting by leveraging advanced AI technology to enhance forecasting precision. This AI-driven approach eliminates the guesswork commonly associated with sales forecasting by providing data-backed predictions, thereby offering a more reliable foundation for planning and strategy.

Einstein Forecasting enhances visibility into the sales pipeline, ensuring that sales leaders have a clear understanding of their team’s performance and future revenue streams. It analyses historical sales data as well as current customer behaviours to generate forecast predictions, highlighting potential wins from existing deals, new deals, and opportunities that might close earlier than expected. By identifying these opportunities, Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein enables sales teams to focus their efforts more effectively and adjust their strategies in real time.

Moreover, Einstein’s predictive capabilities extend beyond simple number crunching. The system provides detailed insights into the factors influencing its forecasts, such as trends in deal closure rates or changes in the sales pipeline, offering sales leaders a deeper understanding of their team’s dynamics and potential areas for improvement. This level of detail and accuracy in forecasting helps organisations optimise their sales processes, improve resource allocation, and ultimately drive revenue growth.


Benefits of Using Sales Cloud Einstein 


  • Enhanced Forecasting Accuracy: Studies consistently report significant improvements in forecast accuracy for companies utilising AI-powered solutions like Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein. This translates to more closed deals, reduced missed opportunities, and increased revenue potential.
  • Confident Decision-Making: Ditching the guesswork, Einstein equips you with clear insights and actionable intelligence. This empowers you to make strategic decisions with confidence, knowing you’re basing them on solid data rather than subjective intuition.
  • Optimised Resource Allocation: Accurate forecasts allow for strategic resource allocation. Imagine having the right people, budget, and inventory in place to capitalise on every opportunity, maximising your return on investment.


Beyond these core benefits, Einstein delivers a comprehensive impact on your sales organisation:


  • Increased Sales Performance: Salesforce states that 97% of sales leaders and sales operations pros say AI gives reps more time to sell.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Shared insights across departments break down silos and improve collaboration, aligning everyone towards the same goals.


How Much Does Sales Cloud Einstein Cost?

The cost of utilising Sales Cloud Einstein Forecasting is tailored on a case-by-case depending on your organisation’s needs.Aspects that influence pricing include:

  • Subscription Tier: Salesforce offers different editions of Sales Cloud, each with its own set of features and pricing. Einstein Forecasting is available in the higher-tier subscriptions.
  • Number of Users: Pricing for Salesforce products, including Sales Cloud Einstein, often depends on the number of users who will be accessing the system. 
  • Additional Customizations and Integrations: Sales Cloud Einstein does more than just forecasting, speak to one of our experts today to book a Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Demo. Therefore, depending on your business’s specific needs, additional customisations or integrations with other systems may be required.
  • Implementation and Support Services: The initial, implementation, and ongoing support services provided by a Salesforce partner like Unify Data & Analytics can also influence the total investment as well as the return on it. These services ensure that the products you need are seamlessly integrated into your existing processes and that your team is fully equipped to utilise the system effectively.


Given the tailored nature of Salesforce solutions and the importance of aligning them with your business objectives, engaging with a partner like Unify who offer a suite of advisory, build and acceleration services in the field of CRM, Data Analytics, and AI can be a strategic step in ensuring a successful implementation that meets your budgetary and operational requirements.


We are Unify, CRM, Data, and Analytics specialists for enterprise-level organisations. We work with ambitious companies on their Digital Transformations and use their data to drive actionable outcomes and drive efficiency. As a Salesforce and Microsoft Partner, we can help your digital transformation program or conduct a customised data and process audit for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

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