Reinventing how companies use data to drive more intelligent business decisions whilst creating better customer experiences.


This article discusses how companies of all sizes can make better use of their data and realise the value that is locked within it. The customer experience is more than just a single interaction with one channel. It is an ongoing relationship that begins with the first time a customer engages with your brand and ends when they have no need for your products or services.

To create a smooth, consistent experience for customers, you need to connect all of your systems and data to provide your customers with a seamless experience across every touchpoint. Unify enables organisations of all sizes to use data and analytics to make decisions in real-time and continuously drive optimal business outcomes.


Seamless Touchpoint Experiences

  • Create a unified view of each individual customer in real-time. This means that when the customer interacts with one channel, all other relevant data can be accessed instantly by other channels to create the most relevant messaging at every step of their journey.
  • Design multiple experiences for each individual consumer based on their preferences and previous behaviour – whether online or offline. Only by connecting data from many systems can you then provide a consistent experience at every customer touchpoint.

Connected Systems with Unified Data

Connected systems and unified data are a key part of a consistent customer experience. The tools and technologies we use to support our day-to-day activities are becoming more complex, automated and interconnected. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have to be able to easily access and integrate data from many different systems.

We need to know what our customers want, when they want it, where they are at any given moment and how they are feeling about their experience with us. We need to be able to deliver whatever it is that will make them happy.

This is easier said than done. The complexity of connecting data from multiple sources means that there can be many points of failure that prevent us from providing a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

The customer experience is the holistic relationship and communication that starts with the first interaction with your brand and carries on until the customer discontinues the relationship.

Maximising Data

At Unify, customer experience consulting, we believe that companies can do more with their data than they think.

We know that your company is full of valuable information that could be used to drive better business decisions and create better customer experiences. So why aren’t you taking advantage of it?

As a small or medium-sized business (SME), you have to make the most of your budget. That means making smart investments in your systems and infrastructure and knowing how to use the data within them. But when your systems are disconnected, it’s hard to make sense of what you have and where it’s going.

That’s where we come in with customer experience consulting. We provide services to assess your data architecture, review what data you have and where it needs to go, and help connect your systems so users can get access to the information they need when they need it. By helping you gain control over the chaos of disconnected systems and data, we can help turn your company into a connected one—and give you an upper hand over competitors who haven’t done the same thing yet.


Bringing clarity and simplifying complex business problems through unified data.

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