Remarkable Group (The Remarkable Group International) has appointed Ghada Fourane as CEO to head up its Unify Data & Analytics agency as part of its growth plans.

Unify, the newest agency to join the Remarkable Group, is a specialist agency that uses the power of connected data to help companies use the invaluable information they have to drive smarter business decisions, grow sales and create better customer experiences.

Unify fills an important gap in digital transformation consultancy as CRM, ERP and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) become commonplace in forward-thinking companies. Building on existing strategic partnerships with Salesforce and Microsoft, Unify’s services help bridge the gap where both data and work practices are often siloed.

Ghada’s expertise spans over 13 years, during which she has assisted clients worldwide in the areas of CRM, data and analytics. With a strong background in Enterprise Architecture and extensive experience, she has played a pivotal role in guiding large clients through their CRM strategies and has been at the forefront of major Salesforce implementations across diverse industries.
Acknowledged as one of the top 30 professionals under 30 in the cloud computing field, Ghada has made remarkable contributions to the adoption of Cloud technology within the Resources industry in the UK. Her dedication lies in ensuring the success of customers on their digital transformation journey and she is enthusiastic about the prospect of unifying CRM, data, and AI to drive transformative outcomes.

The Remarkable Group co-founder and Chief Executive Office, Nick Towers, said “Unify is of strategic importance to our Group and our clients as it allows us to fully immerse ourselves in data, analytics and CRM to better inform digital strategy, customer experience, and customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Having Ghada on board, with her extensive experience and qualifications, ensures that we can offer the best strategic advice and deliver first-rate implementations to our clients, helping our clients to drive competitive advantage and create seamless customer experiences.”

Ghada added: “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be joining the Remarkable Group. It’s a privilege to be working with an exceptionally talented team of industry specialists in the DXP and eCommerce space. To add to their portfolio of skills by bringing my CRM, Data experience and industry knowledge to the group agency’s who are leading the way with innovative technology that’s able to completely transform digital experiences for ambitious brands.”


About Remarkable Group International 

The Remarkable Group is an international powerhouse of integrated digital specialist consultancies that offer our clients true partnership and integration at a global scale. We are passionate and expert in digital experience and we put our customers first in order to drive value from class-leading connected experiences and relationships. Our performance will always be measured by our legacy. So all of our brands operate with a social conscience, striving to leave the world in a better place than we found it. We are multiple agencies across Europe, the Middle East and North America focusing on: digital transformation, software engineering, connected experience, performance & analytics.

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If you would like to request additional comments or interviews with Remarkable CEO, Nick Towers or Unify CEO, Ghada Fourane please contact Ghada via email –

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