Meet Ghada Fourane, Unify’s CEO, who shares her valuable observations from the AI-focused Salesforce World Tour in London, highlighting the swift progress of innovation and the seamless integration of AI across all applications.


In case you missed our recent announcement, we have a new CEO at Unify, Ghada Fourane. As we continue to grow and serve organisations as a digital transformation consultancy specialising in CRM, Data, and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), resourcing forward-thinking companies, we found an ideal leader.


Ghada has been leading Salesforce implementations across various industries whilst guiding innovation and growth. This was a natural fit for us to have someone with this in-depth background in Salesforce and CRM strategies. Ghada has been working with, consulting, analysing, modelling, and implementing Salesforce since 2010, even before it became mainstream. She understands the product at its core and has global delivery experience. Her technical and architectural acumen, combined with her strategic advisory credentials, guides organisations to make astute decisions.


During Ghada’s first week with Unify data consultancy, she represented us at Salesforce World Tour, London, with Paul Stephen, Co-founder of Remarkable Group, our parent company. We asked her to share her takeaways from last week’s event.


Paul Ghada at SF WT


As the CEO of Unify, a Salesforce implementation partner dedicated to helping customers unify their customer data, I am thrilled to share my insights from the Salesforce World Tour AI Days 2023 in London. This event was a testament to Salesforce’s commitment to innovation, customer success, and the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). Here are my key insights:


  1. An Evolving Salesforce Ecosystem: The Salesforce ecosystem continues to expand, with regular introductions of new products and innovations. This evolution presents an exciting opportunity for us at Unify to broaden our service offerings and deliver more comprehensive solutions to our customers. It was a joy to join 12,000 trailblazers in person.


  1. The Power of CRM: Salesforce’s emphasis on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) underscores its importance in driving business success. We stand ready to help our customers harness Salesforce’s robust CRM capabilities to enhance their customer relationships and drive growth.


  1. Industry-Specific Solutions: Salesforce’s commitment to various industries, from Insurance to Retail, allows us to deliver industry-specific solutions. We can help our customers streamline operations and achieve their business goals, regardless of their industry.


  1. Generative AI Revolution: Salesforce’s introduction of generative AI capabilities for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud is a significant leap forward. This technology, which can auto-generate customer emails, call summaries, and more, will revolutionize how our clients’ sales and service teams operate. For our customers, this means a more efficient, streamlined, and effective way of managing customer relationships and driving sales.


SF CEO quote WT


  1. Bridging the AI Knowledge Gap: The potential of generative AI to transform operations across industries is immense. However, a knowledge gap exists. At Unify data consultancy, we are committed to providing training and support to help our clients bridge this gap, ensuring they can fully leverage the power of AI.


  1. Trust in AI: Salesforce’s AI solution, Einstein GPT, is designed to build trust. It’s an open ecosystem-based generative AI grounded in real-time data, with a Trust Layer that helps customers meet their data security and compliance needs.


  1. AI Integration Across Applications: Salesforce is integrating generative AI across all its applications. This means our clients will have access to AI capabilities no matter which Salesforce applications they use, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.


  1. Data Cloud and AI Capabilities: Salesforce’s new model for their Data Cloud is a game-changer. Coupled with Salesforce’s AI capabilities, this data can be leveraged to generate insights, make predictions, and automate tasks, driving efficiency and effectiveness. At Unify data consultancy, we are truly excited about this new product. It will enable the ‘unification’ of customer data like never before.


  1. Salesforce‘s Investment in the UK Market: Salesforce’s $4 billion investment in the UK market demonstrates its commitment to supporting its growing customer base in the region. This presents an opportunity for Salesforce partners in the UK to grow their businesses and reach more customers.


  1. Looking Ahead: Salesforce has announced that both Service GPT and Sales GPT will be generally available in 2023. We’re excited about the potential these tools have to transform our clients’ operations and are looking forward to helping them implement these new features.




Reflecting on my long journey in the Salesforce ecosystem, the Salesforce World Tour AI Days 2023 in London stood out in a significant way. The emphasis on AI and its integration across all Salesforce applications is a testament to the rapid pace of technological innovation and Salesforce’s commitment to staying at the forefront of this change.


As a Salesforce partner, we at Unify are excited about these developments and are committed to helping our clients leverage these new capabilities to drive their success. For our customers, these developments mean more powerful tools, greater efficiency, and the ability to serve their customers better.


We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Let’s harness the power of AI together and create a future that’s smarter, more efficient, and more customer-centric. Contact us today to get started on your digital transformation journey with Salesforce. Let’s unify your customer experience analytics and unlock the full potential of your business.



We are Unify, CRM, Data and Analytics specialists for enterprise-level organisations. We work with companies who have started or about to start their digital transformation and help clients to use their customer experience analytics to drive actionable outcomes and business efficiency. Find out how we can help your digital transformation programme through innovative solutions to unlock ROI rapidly or to conduct a customised data and operational process audit for your business.


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